Now Offering Audit Defense with all Tax Prep Services

An IRS tax audit can happen to anyone, and is almost always an extremely stressful process. Now, all of our tax preparation services come with Audit Defense–a guarantee that if you are subjected to an IRS audit, our office will handle the process and take the stress off your back!*

Audit Defense Services are automatically included into all our tax prep services. There are additional charges for Audit Defense, but an ‘opt-out’ option is available for everyone.

When considering the hourly rates for accounting services, Audit Defense is the best way to ensure that any audits will be handled thoroughly and with efficiency without maximizing your stress levels!

Audit Defense also prevents the accumulation of hourly fees in the case of an IRS audit. Hourly fees add up, and audits are lengthy affairs. Save money and stress with our Audit Defense Services!

*Audit Defense Services apply only to tax years of which clients accepted and paid any applicable fees for an Audit Defense Package. There are 3 different Audit Defense Packages–Call our office for more information!