About Us



Kandi Harper, CPA, Owner, has been licensed as a CPA since 2002. She graduated from Eastern Kentucky University and has over 20 years of accounting experience.

Denise Coffey, Office & Payroll Manager, completed her MBA in Human Resources Management in 2019. She has been with Kandi Harper’s firm for nearly 4 years. 

Friendly and professional staff are always available to answer any questions you may have, and help transition your customized services to our office.

For information regarding your specific business needs,

please call 859-623-1127.



Our services include Individual and Business Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping for personal or business needs, and full-scale Payroll services.

All services are customizable to suit every client’s specific needs. Our clients also receive standard assistance at no additional charge.

Unlike other tax preparation companies, all tax returns are performed by Kandi Harper, CPA, ensuring you receive the most accurate tax prep services.


Tax Prep

• Individual (1040 Series)

• Corporations: (S-Corp, C-Corp, & Partnerships)

• Non-Profit

• Estate & Inheritance returns


• All clients receive consultation at no additional charge!*

Payroll & Bookkeeping

Payroll services include your preference of paper check or direct deposit, all federal, state, and city monthly or quarterly filings,* and unbeatable customer service!

• Weekly, bi-weekly/monthly, or monthly payroll & bookkeeping schedules

• Timely preparation of all reports guaranteed or we pay your fees!*

• Personalized service & access to your payroll or bookkeeping manager

*For current tax year only.


  • Additional cities and/or state filings have minimal additional fees
  • Direct deposit option may have additional charges
  • We do not accept responsibility for forms that are not picked up or mailed timely. We do not mail forms for you.